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  • Summarize how you will use the resources in the Differentiation Station social network to help you implement the principles of Universal Design for Learning and Differentiated Instruction.
  • Something that I absolutely loved about this course was working in small groups using a social networking site. My group used Ning ( and it was really easy to use and there was a chat feature available to anyone who was logged in to the site. What I enjoyed so much about using Ning was the collaboration aspect. Because Walden is done online, aside from the discussion boards there is minimal interaction between my classmates and me. The Ning allowed a few of us to share more information with each other that we would not have shared on the discussion board. Even though the differentiation station assignments had a specific goal or topic to share each week, there was still more opportunity to chat with my group in a more informal setting. I found my social networking partners to be so helpful. I learned about several new online resources that I would not have known about if I did not have the opportunity to share and discuss information with this group.

    Each week in the differentiation stations, we were supposed to share a resource that was applicable to assignments for the week. One member of my Ning group shared several links to online surveys about learning preferences and styles, like this one: A major component of Universal Design for Learning and Differentiated Instruction is that students come from different backgrounds, learn in different ways and have different strengths and weaknesses (Hall, Strangman & Meyer, 2003). By having students complete surveys like the ones shared in our social networking site, teachers can use the information discovered about the different students and how they learn and adapt teaching methods and styles to help meet the unique needs of all learners.

  • Describe any immediate adjustments you will make to your instructional practice regarding the use of technology integration to customize instruction as a result of your learning from this course.
  • There are two immediate adjustments that I intent to make as a result of this class. First, I want to make sure I am more aware of my students and how they learn and be certain that I am providing them the best opportunities to learn. I know my students well, I have wonderful rapport with them and I am familiar with many of their strengths and weaknesses. Although I have this information about my students, I am not sure that I have always done everything I can to provide to each student. However, now that I am more aware of what UDL and DI actually are, I can be sure to actually implement more of this strategies to ensure that I am doing my best to reach everyone.

    Second, I want to be more creative. This creativity will provide more chances for me to use technology with my students. It is easy to get stuck in a worksheet and book work rut, and I feel like I am in that rut now. It is an ongoing goal for me to integrate more technology in the classroom. By being more creative with my assignments and allowing the students to be more creative with how they express their knowledge, I think it will be easier to find new technological resources to use in the classroom. For example, after using the social networking site in this course, I am very interesting in using social networking with my students but I am unsure how. I am looking forward to using more technology and new resources with my students.


    Hall, T., Strangman, N., & Meyer, A. (2003). Differentiated instruction and implications for UDL implementation. Retrieved from



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