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Week 6 – Revising Your GAME Plan

Posted on: December 9, 2009

  • What have you learned so far that you can apply in your instructional practice? 

I have learned about several new web resources, both from my classmates and from course materials, that I would like to use in my classroom. I would like to use sites like Wiggio and class Wikis to encourage online collaboration with students. My classmates have introduced me to ePals, which connects students in classrooms all over the world. I have learned about micro-blogging, where students can communicate with each other using 140-character messages, similar to a text message. There is so much I would like to incorporate I am wondering if I can actually do all of it! This is incredibly encouraging because I have not always had the best of luck beginning to integrate technology at my school. I have hit a lot of road blocks along the way but I am optimistic that I will be successful.

  • What goals are you still working toward? 

My first goal of integrating technology into 5 lessons is something that I can always be working on. It is a little more difficult than I anticipated just because my school does not seem to be as ready to begin integrating more technological instruction as I am. Overall though, it is something that I am working toward and will be able to successfully accomplish with time.

The other goal I originally set was to make checking student progress a mandatory grade each week.  I am planning to integrate this at the start of the new semester in mid-January. This is something that I am really looking forward to beginning as I am very curious as to whether this will make a positive impact on student grades. Our current grade book is called Progress Book and it allows students to log in on any computer to check their grades. I am hoping that requiring the kids to check their grades on a weekly basis will motivate them to keep their grades up. If they are more aware of not turning in work or poor test scores I think they will be encouraged to make sure they are turning in work and studying for tests.

  • Based on the NETS-T, what new learning goals will you set for yourself?

The main aspect of NETS-T that I am working toward is to “develop technology-enriched learning environments that enable all students to pursue their individual curiosities and become active participants in setting their own educational goals, managing their own learning, and assessing their own progress”. This incorporates both of my goals: to develop more technology-rich lessons and for students to monitor and assess their progress.

  • If you are not ready to set new learning goals, how will you extend what you have learned so far?

I am not ready to set new goals because I have not yet achieved my current goals. This question reflects a lot upon why I began this Masters program. I really want to learn more about truly engaging my students and integrating technology just seemed like a logical step forward. I always want to be learning new teaching strategies and improving my abilities as a teacher. My next step is using the new resources I am learning about in this program and beginning to implement them in the classroom. I am learning so many new things and I am very excited about trying them out in the future. In addition to all of that, I am supposed to be getting a Mimeo board sometime in the next semester and I am thrilled! I think it will really help me begin to use more technology with my students without having to reserve the computer lab all the time.

  • What learning approaches will you try next time to improve your learning?

I think the best learning approach at this point is to just not be afraid to try something new, even if it is a complete flop. Even trying is an accomplishment. This is how people learn – by doing. Revamping lessons and modifying them to better fit with the students and the class is how to make a lesson better. I also want to have students fill out brief questionnaires about new lessons. I want them to give me feedback on how they liked the lesson and what I can do to improve it or any changes they think I can make. Students are brutally honest (not always a good thing!) but I think they will be able to help me learn new things as well.


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  • Stephanie: Thanks Cesar! It is wonderful to have such support through our cohort. I appreciate your comments and kind words.
  • Cesar Rubio: Hi Stephanie, You are making great strides in completing your GAME Plan. I'm so jealous! I haven't gotten mine off the ground because I don't know
  • Toni Malvestuto: I hope you have a better week this week. I know how stressful it can be when you don't have the resources you need at hand. I have also learned not


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