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Week 3 Blog Assignment

Posted on: November 18, 2009

·  What resources do you need to carry out your plan?
For my goal of modifying my current classroom activities to include more technology, I first and foremost need to become familiar with more technological resources. I have already learned about several new resources, like VoiceThread and Wikis, through Walden. I would need more time playing with these resources using my computer, YouTube or TeacherTube for videos to help guide me through new technology and also the internet for advice and information. I could also bounce ideas off my colleagues and get their opinions on new activities I want to try. For me use new technologies with my students I need to be familiar with them first so that I can help them when they need it. It is important to me to include more technology because according to Grace Smith and Stephanie Throne, as cited by Stansbury (2009), technology in the classroom can “personalize instruction, enhance learning with multimedia components, can help students construct new knowledge, and motivates students with their work”. As a teacher, I want my lessons to encourage these traits in students and if I can achieve that by integrating more technology, then I definitely want to give it a try.
Second to becoming familiar with these resources, I would also need to make sure that I can use these resources in school. Time in the computer lab is limited and there are no computers in the classroom for student use.

For my other goal of monitoring student progress, I just need my computer to check the login information for my students on the online grade book.

· What additional information do you need?
Additional information that I need is knowing whether my students do not have access to the internet and the online grade book at home. Because reserving time in the computer lab is not always easy, it is important that students can check their progress at home. Also, I do not have enough time to get my students to the computer lab on a weekly basis solely for checking their grades. If a student does not have access to the internet at home, I would have to make accommodations for that student. A possible accommodation might be letting the student use my classroom computer before or after school to monitor their progress.

· What steps have you been able to take so far?
As of right now I have not done much to reach my goals. I am thinking of new activities using technology, but coming up with the ideas and actually putting them into motion are two very different things. One idea I had to use VoiceThread did not work out as I discovered VoiceThread is blocked by our district’s internet filter. Hopefully I will be able to begin integrating more ideas in the near future.
As stated in my previous blog posting about my GAME plan, I plan to integrate monitoring student progress beginning in January for second semester.


Stansbury, M. (2009, February). Technology empowers differentiated instruction. eSchool News Online. Retrieved from




1 Response to "Week 3 Blog Assignment"

Hey Stephanie,

It seems that our GAME plans are similar. I want to re-design my course curriculums so that I incorporate different tech tools along the way. I want to make it a progression, where I start with the easier one (blogs maybe? PowerPoint?) and move along until we get to something much more advanced at the end (prezi? VoiceThread?). I want to do this for all my classes and really make technology vital for my students’ learning.

Anyway, you can count on me if you need anything, even if it is just to bounce some ideas off me.

Keep up the great work!

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