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This week marks the end to the course Understanding the Impact of Technology on Education, Work and Society through Walden University. I have learned a lot over the last 8 weeks and I would like to reflect on everything that I have learned and accomplished throughout the course.


  • In what ways has this course helped you to develop your own technology skills as a professional teacher?

The course helped me in many ways, which I know is a very vague statement. I have always felt that I am quite computer literate, but I did not have much experience posting information to the internet, nor did I have a blog to post any thoughts and ideas to. I have looked at blogs, just for personal use, but never have I had my own to actually use as a possible resource in my classroom. While I was familiar with blogs, I was not at all familiar with Wikis or Podcasts, both of which I learned to do in this particular course. It is especially nice to know that I can use these resources to help my students to also become more proficient with technology.

  • In what ways have you deepened your knowledge of the teaching and learning process?

The way that I have best deepened my knowledge is by realizing how much teaching and learning has changed. Technology is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our lives. It is unnatural not to use it in the classroom. Students love using computers, iPods and cell phones. It is fairly easy to plan a lesson using the internet, but iPods and cell phones are a little harder to use in the classroom. Podcasts pair up with iPods nicely, but I would love to have the students use thier cell phones for an educational purpose. Typically phones are not allowed to be used in school and this is hard on the students because they want to check their phones every few minutes. It would be so great for students to use thier cell phones and for them to actually be allowed to use them. I have not come up with a way to personally do this in my classroom, but I would love to. The best way for a teacher to deepen their knowledge of technology is to just embrace it.


  • In what ways have you changed your perspective from being teacher-centered to learner-centered?

Something that I have come to understand as I begin to incorporate more technology into my classroom lessons is that students really do need to be “guided” rather than “taught”. Coming up with a project where students research information on the internet is great, but students are already familiar with the internet and do not need a teacher telling them what to do. It is better to just let them do their research and help them figure out what information is credible and what is not. There is also a certain aspect of babysitting that teachers have to do to make sure that the students are in fact researching and not checking email or playing games. I also think that there is an advantage to students learning new things on their own so they can take ownership of the information, which again, just takes a little guidance on the part of the teacher for the students to be successful.


  • In what ways can you continue to expand your knowledge of learning, teaching, and leading with technology with the aim of increasing student achievement?

By enrolling in this Masters program through Walden University, I am expanding my knowledge. Teachers should never stop learning new things and by continuing my own education I can better teach my students, especially in regard to technology. I think that as I continue to take the courses for my degree I will continue to learn more about integrating technology in the classroom and effectively applying it in my classroom.


  • Set two long-term goals (within two years) for transforming your classroom environment by which you may have to overcome institutional or systemic obstacles in order to achieve them. How do you plan to accomplish these goals?

My first goal that I would like to accomplish is just to give my students more time with technology. My school has very limited technological resources and it is not always easy to even get the kids in front of a computer. Part of this has to do with planning ahead and reserving the computer lab and part is due to the high demand to get into the labs. A part of this goal is for me to be better prepared with my lessons so I can reserve the compuer labs in a more timely fashion. There are times that the lab is booked over a month in advance and I am rarely planned that far ahead. So this goal is two-fold for me because to get my students more time with technoloies, I need to be more organized in planning ahead.

My second goal is to come up with as many new lessons using technology as I can. As I mentioned in a previous response, I really want to find a way to incorporate a cell phone into a lesson plan. I am not sure how to do this at the moment, but I am hoping that I will figure something out! Even if I cannot come up with a lot of new technological lessons, I would also like to adapt current lessons to involve technology, possibly by posting information and articles to this blog.




I must admit, I had a miserable time doing this. Putting the audio together was the easy part. But then I spent the better part of 3 whole hours trying to upload my audio to ANY website that would take it. My file was WMA and every site I looked at only accepted WMV. So after hours I figured out if I add a picture to go with my audio it would solve the problem. Yes, I spent hours on what would have taken 30 minutes had I just known to put a picture with the audio. It was awful.

But I am happy to report my very first podcast to all of you!


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